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Welcome to my blog !! I am a nineteen year old student, waitress, consultant, and beauty junkie... I get way to excited putting on a face of makeup every day and spend far too much time watching Youtube videos. Therefore, I felt it was time I took the initiative to start doing what I really enjoy. 

Before makeup comes skin - so of course my first post has to be about how I take care of mine! I am always reminding myself that makeup can only look as good as your skin, so I have to keep a consistent routine. I have found myself insanely interested in not only the skincare business, but the importance of feeling confident with a naked face. Motivated, I became a part of the wonderful team of Rodan + Fields consultants, whose mission is to empower men and women and change the world's understanding of skincare. I have recently started using the Unblemish kit, after suffering years of teenage skin mayhem.

I have been using the R+F complete Unblemish regimen for 2 weeks, and I can easily say that my skin has made amazing recoveries. I have a lot of pigmentation, texture, and redness issues that have come alongside random breakouts. Having such a host of issues, on top of product sensitivity, has made looking for all-inclusive products difficult. The first thing I noticed after using the regimen, was how the redness, irritation, and severity of my spots had lessened. My skin has become far more even-toned and clear despite the lack of exfoliants in any of the products!

Step 1: Acne Sulfur Wash // This is definitely my favorite step. It's cream based, so it is not too foamy and never stripping. The active ingredient, Sulfur, is something you hardly come across in the drugstore and has a multitude of benefits for acne-prone skin such as oil control, anti-bacterial, and calming. 

Step 2: Clarifying Toner // This pore refining and balancing astringent lacks the chemical smell and stingy sensation many other toners have. My face is always glowing and fresh feeling after a use... It removes every ounce of makeup residue, making it a key step for a regular makeup wearer.

Step 3: Dual Ingredient Acne Treatment // As a third step, I use this treatment every night. I find my breakouts are alway 100x better and my face still feels clean when I wake up. The dual pump packaging is always a plus, alongside being packed with %5 Benozyl Peroxide to keep your breakouts at bay.

Step 4: Oil Control Lotion SPF 20 // This step has become somewhat optional for me. I generally use a facial oil or different R+F moisturizer before bed, and save the SPF for sunny days. It is surprisingly hydrating combine with it's ability to control excessive oil. 

Although my skin is not perfect, it has made great progress in such a short period of time. With a 60-day return policy I have only great things to say about this kit!

FYI If anyone is curious or have any questions regarding Rodan + Fields skincare, please shoot me a message.. xo

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